First 30 Days in New Zealand

T-Tommy and Court-Court in New Zealand!! Day: 77 Current Location: Nelson, New Zealand 41° 16’15”S, 173° 17’2”E

Week 12 Day 77: We’ve hit the South Island, New Zealand!

South Island New zealand

Week 12 Day 77 Nelson, NZ 41.2708° S, 173.2839° E We finished up last week wrapping up our time in Wellington on the North Island. Saturday Tom and I woke up to take the 9:30am class.  Following class we hit up the Lower Hutt Farmer’s Market once more, stocking up on veggies and fruits to juice, and lamb and veggies …

Week 11 Day 70 Our Time in the Hutt and Wellington

Wellington New Zealand

Week 11 Day 70 Lower Hutt  41.2167° S, 174.9167° E Since I last wrote last week, Tom and I have had a great week! Friday afternoon we hit up the Te Papa Museum of New Zealand and an art gallery featuring original works and prints of Dr. Seuss. Following our artsy afternoon, Friday night Tom and I did the Koha …

Week 10 Day 63: The Lord of the Rings Tour: Mordor Mt. Doom (Mt. Tongariro), Rivendell (Kaitoke Park), Escape from Nazgul (Mt. Victoria) + W/ bonus features of the Weta Caves, Life in the Windy City Wellington, and our weekend in New Plymouth

lord of the rings tour new zealand

Week 10 Day 63 Wellington 41.2889° S, 174.7772° E This week has been pretty epic!  We’ve hit the Lord of the Rings trail, finding filming locations everywhere we turn–some on purpose, some accidentally.  We’ve visited some amazing towns, our favorite ones in New Zealand so far!  I started work at Bikram Yoga Lower Hutt, and I’ve convinced Tom to do a …

Week 9 Day 55 Hamilton, Rotorua, Te Kuiti, Waitomo Caves, and Taumarunui

hamilton new zealand

Week 9 Day 55 Taumarunui 38.8833° S, 175.2617° E Tom and I finished our day in Hamilton buying food at the New World Market and heading over to a lake park on Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton to cook and settle in for the night.  We switched up our nightly routine of reading and card playing by watching Lord of the Rings, …