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We’re Courtney and Tom (or Courtmas…Tom comes from a family of 7 it simplifies things to merge couples names and we like it!)

Tom works online for himself via and his publishing company Insurgent Publishing.  Which in thanks is one of the main reasons we are able to sustain this traveling lifestyle!

IMG_2062Courtney is a traveling Yoga Instructor (Bikram yoga but planning to add Vinyasa to her repertoire in Feb ’15) and CFO/Social Media Expert for Tom.  It’s up to me (yep I just hopped to 1st person!) to do most of the travel planning and unless otherwise noted am the voice behind Far Away Reasons.

We started this website on our honeymoon trip–A year long Southern Hemisphere tour where we hit up Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, Namibia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Belize.

512With that trip wrapping up, our thirst and desire to explore hasn’t so we won’t be settling down.

From here, we plan to vagabond around the US visiting family and friends before we set off abroad again!  (Coming up next is more of SE Asia: The Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and back to Indonesia before head to Europe!)


IMG_2657Want to follow along?

20131115_091755Why you should subscribe:
1) to hear crazy stories and escapades from our travel around the world
2) to learn how to travel for cheap
3) to learn how to travel safely (even to those not so nice countries)
4) because you think Tom is handsome
5) because Courtney is gorgeous (and super cool)
6) because you want to travel yourself, so why not learn from other peoples mistakes (and successes)
7) because you’ve always been interested in lifestyle design, but don’t believe people who say it’s possible (we’ll show you how it IS possible…and explain in detail how you can do it too)
8) because most subscriber lists are lame and this is awesome + cool + exclusive
9) because you know Tom and Courtney and they are awesome

20131108_103411Why you SHOULDN’T subscribe:
1) you’re not very much fun

We publish about one post a week not only filling you in on our adventures abroad, but also with the intent to provide practical, actionable content you can use to make YOUR traveling safer, cheaper and more fun.

Btw, if your curious where the name Far Away Reasons come from This video explains it better ->

We gotta run!  Peace out!




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