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Week 63

Day 439

Holland, MI

42.7833° N, 86.1000° W

I sat down to write this blog about 3 hours ago and rather than type a word, I started mapping out Tom’s and my next trip!

Today I officially booked our tickets to Manila in the Philippines where we will kick off another 6 months abroad.

This trip will be a little different, but so far the tentative plan is:

  1. The Philippines
  2. Vietnam
  3. Cambodia
  4. Indonesia
  5. Laos
  6. Thailand
  7. Greece
  8. Italy
  9. France
  10. England
  11. Scotland
  12. Netherlands
  13. Ireland

Needless to say we’re pretty excited!  It’s time to start logging my hours as part time travel agent, but I need to catch up with where we have been!

It’s always humbling to write the travel log entry to see how long it’s been sine I’ve last posted.

I can’t believe that a month has gone by!

Tom and I have been crazy busy hanging with family since our time in Indianapolis.

Most of the time has been great, but we did have a death in the family.  My Aunt T (who also happens to be my Godmother and our most loyal travel blog reader) passed unexpected so an extra trip to Maryland was squeezed into an already crazy month.

One of the lessons we learned during our last trip was we are happiest when we can recreate a “normal” life in a new area.

One thing that qualifies “normal life” for us is my ability to teach yoga which therefore means Tom has time and space to do work as well.

Traveling cross the country on our #CourtmasRT2014 the first area I was able to make this happen was in Indianapolis so we stopped in Indiana for 10 days on our way from Colorado to Michigan to squeeze in some classes at Hot Yoga Indy.

Times at Hot Yoga Indy

Tom and I always enjoy living life centered around a yoga studio.  A typical day usually involved waking up to do work, teach, and practice.

In the evenings Tom and I would walk to Chipotle for Burrito bowls.  (The room we were staying in didn’t have a kitchen.)  After our bowls we would always go back and forth about whether we should get Fro Yo too and without fail we always found ourselves walking in that direction.  The Fro Yo store had an Xbox Kinect gaming system so we would have epic battles in darts, track, and tennis before making the walk home.

We did break our routine a couple times to get out and explore the Indianapolis area and were always happy when we did.

Indianapolis is working pretty hard to keep up with Michigan in their craft brew.

One of our favorite breweries that we hit up was Triton.  It’s just a tap room so like some of my favorite breweries it’s a BYOF (bring your own food) establishment, but they had endless options when it came to craft beer!

Times at Hot Yoga Indy
Times at Hot Yoga Indy

Times at Hot Yoga Indy

Times at Hot Yoga Indy triton brewing company

We had to upgrade our sampler to try all the beers on tap! There were 12!

Triton is located in Broadripple which is acute little area located on the Monon path which is great for biking!

Times at Hot Yoga Indy

Times at Hot Yoga Indy

Times at Hot Yoga Indy
Times at Hot Yoga Indy

Times at Hot Yoga Indy

Indianapolis turned out to be the perfect little yoga stop in the middle of visiting family.  Bridget, my friend and the owner of Hot Yoga Indy, was an awesome host showing us all the good spots in town!

From there, we headed on up to Holland, MI and continued onto Traverse City but I’ll have more on that soon!  🙂

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