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Week 31

Day 212

Cape Town South Africa

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Our rent a kitty Mojo hunting this crazy bird...Mojo lost

Our rent a kitty Mojo hunting this crazy bird…Mojo lost

It’s been a couple weeks since I last wrote.

We’re still in Cape Town and part of the reason I haven’t written much is because our life has been the most “boring” it’s been since we left home.

Now please don’t read that to mean we are bored.  That is the furthest from the truth, but in terms of day to day activities, there hasn’t been too much to report.

Tom and I have enjoyed being locals in Big Bay the past couple weeks.

We’ve set up a routine and it’s been nice to just chill for a bit.

Average afternoon at work

Average afternoon at work

Here’s what an average day is like:

  • Wake up between 5 and 7
  • Work for a couple hours.  (I normally do some yoga about an hour and half after I get up.)
  • Go for a run around 11
  • Come home and make Brunch
  • Head down to Eden by the Bay for a couple more beers as we finish up work for the day
  • Watch the sunset
  • Head home to make dinner
Tom Loves his life...and his wife :D

Tom Loves his life…and his wife 😀

We are very grateful for the stability we have right now, because work has been super busy for Tom and that’s a good thing.

It’s been so busy in fact, I am now officially employed by and Insurgent Publishing as the CFO and Social Media Manager.

We’re working on a couple BIG projects right now, but the most recent update is we just shipped our first single author publication at Insurgent Publishing!


We released a REAL book!!!

We released a REAL book!!!

The High-Performance Athlete, written by Jason Winkle released last week and the response has been awesome!  I highly recommend checking it out!

In between book orders and book keeping we have taken the time to take in this amazing view each day:



20140314_103505IMG_1827IMG_1922IMG_1906IMG_1901IMG_1893IMG_1843IMG_2121IMG_1819As you can see, we are a little spoiled.

We do take breaks from work every now and then to enjoy Cape Town.

We spent a day at the beach with our friend Claudia before she left Cape Town

IMG_184220140312_214334We also hit up a Foals DJ set with Claudia at a hipster club called Assembly.

The set was a little disappointing as they didn’t play any Foals songs, but the bucket of beers (7) that we bought for $10 was good.  We didn’t really want a full bucket, we each wanted to start with 1, but you had to spend $10 to use a credit card…

We also rented a car so we could explore a little more of the city.

The best day of our time in Cape Town was by far the day we spent in Simon’s Town checking out the Penguins at Boulder Beach!

Teaching the Penguins how to do Scorpion Pose

Teaching the Penguins how to do Scorpion Pose

Boulder’s Beach may be my favorite beach in town even if they didn’t have Penguins, but the Penguins make it uncomparable.

Sunbathing at Boulder Beach

Sunbathing at Boulder Beach

I was told that enjoying the Penguins in Cape Town makes you a huge tourist, but I’ve never minded being called a tourist!  We LOVED them!

Tom's New Friend

Tom’s New Friend


IMG_2032Boulder’s Beach is not only home to Penguins, but we also saw this really large spider:


Can you spot the Rodent of Unusual Size?

Can you spot the Rodent of Unusual Size?

As well as many Rodents of Unusual Size!

IMG_2086And there were also some really odd looking ducks.


Besides all of the animal life, Simon’s Town also has the most African Art Markets that I’ve seen so far.

Tom and I enjoyed browsing all the street vendors artisan crafts from beaded necklaces to handcarved giraffes from wood and stone to jewelry boxes made of limestone.

We bought the sunset with the giraffes!

We bought the sunset with the giraffes!

 Our favorite artist was this painter!

We’ve been really good about not buying souvenirs, (although we REALLY wanted to in Indonesia!) but we caved and have bought 2 pieces of art here.  

Earlier in our stay, we bought a painting that is textured with sand and nailed pop cans and in Simon’s Town we bought one of the painter’s beautiful canvas paintings!

Love Birds!

Love Birds!

Taking off from Simon’s Town, we drove around the cape through all the beach towns checking out the gorgeous coastal views!

20140320_153735_LLSAnother highlight of our past couple weeks was Tom’s attempt to take on the Motherload!


Tom vs. The Motherload!

Tom vs. The Motherload!

Saints Burger and Brew

Saints Burger and Brew

The motherload challenge is run by our favorite establishment in Big Bay, Saints Burger and Brew.

In order to be a victor, one must eat a 1kg Burger with homemade pretzel bun, 2 sides, and 2 cups of sauces chased by a 1L Beer.


He started off really strong!

But as you see that burger was huge and got the best of him…

Sunset over Eden by the Bay

Sunset over Eden by the Bay

That’s about all for this week.

We’re about to take off to do some wine tasting!

We hope everyone at home is doing well!

Beautiful Boulder Beach

One more shot of Boulder Beach

Until next time!

Hi Everybody!!! :)

Goodbye!!! 🙂

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  1. Aunt Teresa

    Absolutely enthralled by your pictures! What is the mountain in the background? Love the rent a kitty on the roof. And all the fauna of the area. Those penguins are adorable! Would have liked to help Tom with the motherload! I need a good burger.

    Be judicious with your purchases–but you should buy a little something from each place that you visit to remember the moment(s).

    Cold here in Maryland today. More snow tomorrow! At least the skiers are happy!

    Love, Aunt T

  2. Megan

    Ah!! You made it to Assembly–what a place!!!! Don’t forget to check out Mzoli’s ( a butcher in the middle of Guguletu, one of the largest townships outside of Cape Town. One of my favorite experiences while I was there!

  3. Post
  4. Aunt Marianne and Uncle Bob

    We love your blog and your pictures are spectacular!! Your latest post has two of my most favorite pictures so far–(i) the last one of you and Tom together on the beach is so terrific!! and (ii) the one of you in the scorpion pose with the penguins is amazing!! We love you so much!! Take great care! Love, Aunt Marianne and Uncle Bob

  5. Post

    Aww thanks Aunt Marianne and Uncle Bob!

    We can’t wait to tell you stories in person this summer at Natalie and Nick’s wedding!

    We love you both! 🙂

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