Far Away Reasons…

2013-03-16 09.38.43Hey, it’s Tom and Courtney – and we are traveling the world with nothing but backpacks and a thirst for adventure (and micro-brew).

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2013-03-17 18.33.18We publish about two posts a week (one written by Tom and the other by Courtney) and a newsletter once a week linking to them, not only filling you in on our adventures abroad, but practical, actionable content you can use to make YOUR traveling safer, cheaper and more fun.

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post post script: What does far away reasons mean? This video explains it better ->


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  1. Teresa Schmitt Wilson

    C’est super cool, cette idee de voyager le monde! I want to travel the world one day, moi aussi!

    We have friends and families overseas–cousin Peter and wife Lydia in London (maybe too conventional!), My friend Micheline in Maule, France who has a vacation home in Les Landes (on the Atlantic Ocean), my exchange daughter, Delphine in Tours (Loire Valley-near chateaux), my exchange daughter, Amparo, in Shanghai (now that’s cool–I want to visit her!). Her family in Valencia, Spain.
    So-Bon voyage!

    Ps When I married Greg, we almost traded our silver, etc. for camping gear!!

  2. Courtney

    Thanks Aunt T! As of right now the itinerary is to go to Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, The Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, hop over to Antarctica, and then travel up the west coast of South America.

  3. pavan

    have lots of fun! will be looking forward to email updates n learn abt the awesome adventures!!

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