Top 12 Things to do In Banos Ecuador

banos ecuador

Week 48

Day 318

Caye Caulker Belize

17.7425° N, 88.0250° W

We had a blast during our time in Banos!

There is so much to do in this little mountain town and all of it is so affordable!

We stayed at Hostel Transylvania and I’d highly  recommend it.  It’s owned by a couple and they do a great job really helping you understand the area.  They go out of their way to help you schedule tours and activities as well as help you find your way around town.

Here is my list of the

Top 12 Things To Do In Banos

IMG_47741. Go to the Amazon

There are a couple options to get to the Amazon from Banos.

The first is to go to the Puyo Reserve.  It isn’t quite so deep in the Jungle, but they do put on great 1 day tours.  You can stay for longer than a day, but the advice from our hotel if we wanted to spend multiple days was to go deeper into the jungle.

The deeper jungle experiences are still 8-10 hours away so you’ll need to overnight bus to the Jungle and it’s about equidistant from Banos and Quito.

We were offered 2 options, a more gritty sleep in tents and move along each day in the Coco Jungle or a sleep in your private hut 4 days  in the Cuyabeno Jungle  which I’m writing about next.

The trip was $50 a person a day and included lodging, canoeing into camp and around the jungle, and all our meals.

2. Rent ATV’s and do the waterfall route


Tom and I had a blast driving in our caged machine!

The waterfalls and zip lining along the way are awesome as well!

If you don’t like ATV’s or want to save money you can also rent bikes and do the same route, or take a taxi and  just go ziplining!





3.  Drink Good Coffee


18911809872_694d903ba6_oIt took us a while to find it, but when we did it made us very happy!

My favorite place to get coffee was the Bookstore across the street from Blah Blah Cafe.

They do great coffee and probiotic shakes!

They, however, recommended we try Arte Cafe and Te and that was very good as well and serves Galapagos Coffee!

The one place I WOULDN’T recommend is Cafe Ali Cumba!

It was the first Coffee shop in Banos we found and we actually tried to go there 3 times!

  1. The first time we only had credit card.  (Most places don’t take credit card so this wasn’t too weird.)
  2. The second time we only had a $20 bill and they didn’t have the change from 2 Coffees so they wouldn’t serve us.  (Their Coffee is $5 a cup how do they not have change for a $20???)
  3. The third time, despite swearing he would never go to them again Tom showed up craving a coffee and looking to do work to be told he couldn’t use WIFI unless he bought breakfast too.

Luckily we ran into the Coffee Shop/Book store (across the street from Blah Blah Cafe…I wish I remembered it’s name!) so we didn’t have to try ever again!

4.  Hike up to the Virgin Mary

This was my favorite run/hike (depending on the day) to do in Banos!

Along the way there are random stations of the cross.  (I wonder if they were all there are some point?)







5.  Go to a spa

I wish I had the pictures as they were hilarious, but alas they are on another travelers’ waterproof camera probably never to be seen again!

Anyways, on recommendation from our Israeli friend we went with, we decided to get steam treatments.

I had never had one before, but it was an awesome experience.

Here’s how it works:

  • First you sit in a steam box all to yourself up to your neck for 5 minutes.  (This was the funniest part!  I so wish we had photos!  Just imagine Tom and I sitting side by side in separate boxes with just our heads hanging out.)
  • Then the spa worker comes and flushes you with a bucket of water.  (I think it’s just slightly lower than room temperature but feels freezing!)
  • Then you sit in your box for 5 min.
  • Then you sit in a bath of cool water
  • Then box for 5 min.
  • Then you flush yourself with water.
  • Then box for 5 min.
  • Finally a spray down/shower (yes they take a hose and spray you down!)

As crazy as it sounds I was actually super relaxed after the experience!  –Now if only I had the pictures!

These spas also have mud baths, facials, and massages!

6. Pull Taffy

18919961771_29c0f3ed7f_oGrowing up vacationing in the Outerbanks, I’ve had some experience with Taffy but none compare to the taffy in Banos!

The best part about the Taffy is you’ll see people making it all day on the streets.

Tom decided he’d only buy from whoever let him have a turn whipping the taffy! 🙂

18919937521_2a500a0922_o 18729376010_c6b2194b06_o 18730891019_172eb093dc_o

7.  Hike (or taxi) up to the Casa del Arbols

banos ecuador

My pin of the Swing at the end of the World

Before we started our trip, I used to pin things I wanted to see on Pinterest (make sure you look at your boards if you do this!) and one of the first was a pin labeled 27 Surreal Things you have to see.  The Swing at the end of the World AKA Casa del Arbols was one of those 27 things and we got to do it ourselves in Banos!

You can get there by either hiking up through the back end of town or taking a $16 taxi there and back.  The hike takes about an hour and the taxi 15min.

We actually had  hiked 3/4 of the way to the swing without realizing it earlier in the day, so we took a taxi up racing to catch the sunset!

We made it not only with plenty of daylight, but also the first clearing of the volcano in days!


 8.  Go To a Thermal Pool


The waterfall the pools are at the base of!

The waterfall the pools are at the base of!

Banos is named Banos after the thermal pools that are in town.

There are many pools, but my favorite is at the base of the waterfall for the view!

They might seem dirty, but the water is murky because of the healing minerals.

If you stay late enough you’ll see them clean the pools every day!

9.  Visit the Basilica 

The Catholic Church in town is beautiful.

Church runs around the clock on Sunday, but you can walk in any day of the week.

The walls show pictures of the town during times of natural disasters such as volcano eruptions.

There is also a very large prayer area where you can say a prayer and light a candle for someone.

10.  Bridge Jump

Bungee jumping is illegal in Ecuador, but bridge jumping is not and it only costs $20, $25 if you want the video and all the pictures.

Any tour group will sell you the experience, but the best thing to do it to walk over to the bridge near the bus terminal and wait your turn.  We literally waited 5 minutes.

Before you know it, you’re strapped in and standing on a metal platform wondering if you can really open your arms and fall off.  (It took me 2 times, Tom was a champ and went on his first count of 3!

Here are the videos of the experience:



and some cool pics!

18729401150_ea19450834_o 18729374100_df92ef984d_o 18890774856_2720f9232a_o 18911799792_6463dc7fb5_o MVI_0008 036 MVI_0008 037 MVI_0008 038IMG_0023

11.  Eat Stall Food

18730891589_1f9a38b26c_bThe stall food is great!

And really Cheap!  Tom and I both got meals like above for $1.50 a piece!

I might avoid the guinea pig though :/


12. Muck Around




18919944851_64eb699647_o 18911822302_9c8673861a_o18730900179_39717d7694_o

13. Eat at Cafe Hood

It is definitely the best place in town.

Casa Hood tries to compete, but at the end of the day Cafe Hood has the best food hands down and coolest vibe!




They serve a mix of everything and you can pick the protein in any dish.

My favorite thing is they will substitute freshly grilled veggies for rice and potatoes so I loved their Eggplant Curry dish with Chicken over fresh cooked veggies with a mixto salad!

Right next door to Cafe Hood is Amerello which has some great craft beer and yummy apps!

20140622_132600A couple other fun things in banos:


6 year old kid thumbs upping girls on facebook

banos ecuador

Entrance to the Banos Cemetary

isla de la plata

A cool turtle I forgot to post from snorkeling on Isla de La Plata


the cat who lives in front of the bridge jumping photo booth

Banos is great because at the end of the day you can afford to do EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is so fun!

It’s hard to pick a favorite!

What activity would you come to banos for?


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