Week 2 Day 9 – San Francisco, Napa, Mill Valley, Navato, Petaluma, Davis


Week 2 Day 9napa2
Napa, CA 38.3047° N, 122.2989° W

Tom and I have been very busy since I last wrote last week.

After I posted we spent the day playing in the city.  We went for a walk/run through Russian Hill, Pacific Heights, and China Town checking out all the fun architecture and sites that San Fran has to offer.  

Thursday night we had dinner in the city with our friends Adam and  Christine.  We woke up Thursday morning to get in quick workouts.

Christine and I had a gorgeous run around the Marina while Adam took Tom to his first crossfit class at arguably one of the best crossfit gyms in the country San Francisco Crossfit run by MobilityWOD‘s Kelly Starrett.

Golden Gate Bridge

View of the Golden Gate Bridge running along the Marina with Christine in San Fran.

napa 3We showered up quickly and hurried to catch a ferry to Vallejo to meet up with our family friends Mike and Denise who live in Napa.  We cut it kind of close running down the embarcadero to buy tickets in time.  (We only had to run a couple blocks but trust me that is no easy task carrying everything your bringing for a year on your back!)


napa 4

This past week we’ve had a blast!  With Napa as our home base we have ventured all over the north bay catching up with old friends, wine tasting, beer tasting, exercising, and seeing some pretty cool sites!

Friday afternoon we did some wine tasting at Ceja Vineyards and  Domaine Chandon before settling in at what’s been our home for the past week.

napa 5

Saturday morning we ran 6 miles along rolling hills of vineyards before we showered up to head to Napa’s Rotary Auction that our friend Mike put together at Monticello Vineyards.  At the auction Tom and I had fun catching up with the Napa gang as well as my track buddies Laura and Katie.

Sunday we had a chill day. We started with brunch at Fume, followed by tasting at one of Napa’s few breweries Carneros Brewery.  We ended the day with a family BBQ at our friends Jim and Dorothea’s house.

Carneros Brewery

Beer sampling at Carneros Brewery

Special Edition Bottles

Our friend Jim’s Special Edition bottles of Pete’s Wicked Ale from when he worked for Pete’s.

Taps in Petaluna

Tasty beers from Taps in Petaluma

Monday we combined business and pleasure, heading up to Navato to meet up with John Corcoran a Business lawyer in San Rafael and author of the blog Smart Business Revolution stopping at Moylan’s Irish Brewery for a beer and Taps in Petaluma for dinner before heading back to Napa.   

napa 6

Tuesday we spent the morning getting our work out of the way so that our afternoon was free to explore.  We took off for the coast where we explored the Dipsea Trail in Muir Woods.  There we found lots of Giant Redwoods and were also able to get in a killer workout doing a run/hike.

Wednesday Denise and I got to take Tom up to my alma mater UC Davis! We had a blast showing him around the town of Davis and walking through campus.  The highlight of our trip to Davis was definitely a burrito at Guads!


I avoided buying a scone at the COHO, but I did have to get a burrito from Guads

We’re quickly wrapping up our time in the Bay Area.  I’ve loved being in Cali home of the Bikram Dynasty.  I have been able to hit 3 different Bikram studios, each one living up to

Bikram’s promise that all certified Bikram teachers get to practice for free.  (Check out my post on Fitness Lessons I’ve Learned on the Road if you want to hear more about fitness on the road.)  When I post next week we’ll be in Hawaii.  I hope you all have a good week until then!  We miss you all!