Week 3 Day 16 Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Week 3 Day 16

Honolulu, HI 21.3000° N, 157.8167° W

We wrapped up our stay in Napa last Friday.

Denise has Fridays off so we got to play with her one last time, wine tasting at Jessup Cellars and Luna.

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Jessup Cellars in Yountville is one of my favorite wineries to taste at.  It is  best to make an appointment, but when you do, you get an great experience.  They not only give you a great sampling of their wine, but also a sampling tray of cheese, nuts, and chocolates along with a personal sommelier to educate you on their wine as well as help you pair the wine with the best pairings to bring out the flavors the wine has to offer.

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Friday afternoon after tasting, we caught the Napa vine down to El Cerrito Del Norte to catch BART down to San Leandro where we stayed with our friends Laura and Josh for a couple nights.

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Goofing off on the Vine on the way to San Leandro

We had a blast in San Leandro.  Reaping the benefits of Josh and Laura’s many hobbies!

Tom got a good chunk of time to work on one of his latest projects while I hit the track with Laura and Josh and was able to throw Javelin with them for a couple hours.  (Hobby #1 Josh and Laura currently train and compete as Decathletes and Heptathletes.)

Later that evening we had an awesome BBQ with Abalone, (Hobby #2 Josh dives for Abalone) homegrown tomatoes, (hobby #3 Josh and Laura have a garden), and homemade wine and beer.  (Hobby #4 Josh brews and bottles his own beer and wine.)

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Waiting for BART in San Leandro

Sunday morning as Josh and Laura were prepping for a day of brewing, we packed our bags and headed back to BART to head to SFO airport.

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Stuffed like Sardines in BART

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

View of Daly City just south of San Francisco on the way to SFO









The BART ride through the city was super cramped because the Bay Bridge was closed over labor weekend.

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

The flight over to Hawaii was one of the best either one of us had ever been on.  Each seat had it’s own TV stocked with newly released movies and songs.   The flight attendant also hooked us up with free vodka after seeing Tom’s Military ID!

Napa, San Francisco, HawaiiNapa, San Francisco, Hawaii
We touched down in Honolulu, Hawaii just in time to catch our first sunset.

The first view turned out to be only a small teaser to the amazing views we’ve been catching!

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

The view from Bikram Yoga Kailua

We spent our first couple days in Hawaii over in Kailua on the East coast of the the island.  We crashed with Tom’s friend Tim who happens to live 3 blocks away from a Bikram studio!  I enjoyed practicing at the small studio with windows over looking the lush Hawaiian Mountains and am pleased to report I was also able to pick up 4 classes next week! Napa, San Francisco, HawaiiWe have been taking advantage of our jet lag and waking up early around 5:30.   A typically day for us involves an early morning  run or walk to catch the sunrise.  Bikram yoga for me at 9 while Tom works.  Spending the afternoon lounging and reading on the beach.

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Tuesday we left Kailua and headed  over to Honolulu on the west side of the island to have a couple nights of a real Honeymoon at The Hale Koa Hotel.  We were very pleased when we check in and saw that we got an awesome ocean front view.

So far it’s been our experience that Honolulu has much more night life than Kailua, but so far our favorite beach was in Kailua.

Since we’ve been in Honolulu, we’ve been having a blast chilling by the beach swimming and exercising during the day and hitting up Happy Hour at the YardHouse in the afternoon.

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Doing partner squats at the beach!


Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii

Cheers to you all! We miss you!

That sums up this past week.  I can’t wait to report what the next week brings!

Napa, San Francisco, Hawaii
Shout out to Colby Jack and Mary getting their college education in Ann Arbor. I believe it was Colby’s Lucky Game Day Tie that sealed the Wolverine’s Win last Saturday!





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  1. Tom

    Courtney – AWESOME POST! Excellent writing and love all the pictures…I was there and I still enjoy looking at all your pictures 🙂

  2. Mary

    HAHA! Thanks for the shout out!!!
    Update: That particular tie is currently missing, probably due to Colby’s increased secret outings through the holes he’s made in the screened-in porch 😀
    But I have decided, as Tom’s birthday present, to buy Colby some more ties!
    Love & miss you both!

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