Week 6 Day 41 : More Hawaii + Our Profit / Loss Statement for the first 40 Days

Hey – Tom here again with another amazing video face update.

Today I make some vague references to the things we’ve done in Hawaii, plus I show you my cool google docs Profit and Loss spreadsheet to show you how we’re doing with our $100 per diem goal.


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  1. Andrew Barton

    Hey Courtney and Tom,

    We are probably pretty close to where you are at present as we are in Hawaii with the family! We are on Oahu after spending 5 days in Maui – we then head back to Sydney for a return to normal life.
    Sorry I have been slack communicating with you, let me know when you are in Sydney i.e. arrival date and time and we will let you know our movements as well . Cheers

  2. Post

    That’s crazy Andrew! We were in the same place! I hope your family had a great holiday. I sent you an email with dates. I look forward to meeting you in person! 🙂

  3. Aunt T

    Aargh! Couldn’t see the video–and it sounds sooo cool!

    I wanted to tell you something hilarious.

    The first time I went to France my bible was “France on $5.00 a day!” My roommate and me did it every day following the advice in the book. Can you believe that? (BTW–it was in 1971 when I was studying in Aix-en-Provence. We had Eurail passes and would travel the weekends and on vacation time.)
    Su tia!

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